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PGSTP managers meet Bushehr Agricultural and Natural Resources Organization

Tuesday March 8 in Kowsar venue managers of Persian Gulf Science & Technology Park and related incubators met members of Agriculture & Natural Resources organization to have talks about the procedures to boot the numbers of SMEs in  agriculture. “ To join PGSTP you don’t need to have high technology products but an innovative idea can lead you to a way to grow and to establish a business” Dr. Rostami president of PGSTP said.
Bushehr province has very unique opportunities in agriculture fields so it can motivate gifted people to proceed and commence businesses and generate wealth in the region, he added.

Mohajehri the president of ANRO mentioned “ Bushehr already has 2500 university graduates in agriculture & natural resources fields that can be counted as a huge opportunity for the province so it can potentially have good overview of small businesses in this regards and we need to facilitate and support these people to move fast”  

At the end of this meeting H.Deriszadeh commercialization & marketing manager of PGSTP  had short presentation about business models and how you can launch a business and being followed by some A/Q & comments from participants.

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