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Bushehr Paayesh Andazegiri Co.

Bushehr Paayesh Andazegiri Co. (PAB) was established in 1385 (2006), specializing in electricity and telecommunications. The company is highly active in a wide variety of fields, inclusive of the calibration laboratory of industrial equipment , specialized training courses , contractor-run and executive projects in the fields of electricity and telecommunications ,technical consulting and ,lastly , the supply of modern equipment using the latest in telecommunications technology . As a result, the company managed to receive “the Certificate of Proficiency” issued by the Organization of Standardization, ”Technical and Engineering Certification “ issued by the Organization of Industries , Mines and Trade , and ,finally, it earned the right to electrical grid participation . Along with providing the industry owners in Bushehr Province with contractor-related services, the company has succeeded in manufacturing goods , including mass manufacturing of cell phone booster repeaters  and the ECP device ,designed for protection against rusting and depreciation.

Range of Activities:
The company is active in manufacturing goods equipped with the latest technology in the fields of telecommunications and calibration of industrial equipment.

Services and products:

A)    Cell Phone Booster Repeater :

Cell phone signals in some areas of the country are too weak due to geographical factors, leaving users dissatisfied with network services. The Signal Repeater is a remarkably strong booster which operates efficiently in areas suffering from the weakness of signal waves. It picks up the weakest of signals and boosts them dramatically.  

B)    ECP Device

Due to the harsh climatic conditions of the Province and its high temperature and humidity, circuit boards tend to rust away ; their durability are significantly reduced. An ECP device, installed on a circuit board and creating a circular shield, operates akin to a cathodic protection system , protecting the pieces of equipment against rust , thus increasing their durability . The advantages of using this device include the increase of value-added as a result of decrease in the depreciation , the increase of durability and efficiency of equipment ,the decrease of the overall expenditure on human force and materials ,the increase of the duration between calibrations, all the while boasting a fair price . 


Address: Unit 303, 3rd floor,  Lian Technology Complex, Persian Gulf Science & Technology Park, Ferdowsi St, Imam Khomeini Ave,  Bushehr, Islamic Republic of Iran

Tel: 0098-771-455099

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