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Afrooz Saman Electronics Co.


Afrooz Saman Electronics Co. was established in 1389 (2010). Having agreed to a contract with Omid-e- Ofogh Co. and FaraKeihan Co. , Afrooz Saman co-formed the industrial group Taksam. The company has proceeded to complete a variety of projects in the fields of power electricity, power distribution network, electronics and instrumentation. The company boasts a team of virtuosos carrying a rich background of education and experience. Our bounden duty is to inspire the public confidence through the supply of modern products and services using the latest in technology.

Central Idea:
Rectifier-Inverters in Welding

Products and Services:

  • Designing and manufacturing the start system of three phase, high current rectifiers, equipped with a monitor and GSM  controllers
  • Designing ,manufacturing and reverse engineering of electronic boards
  • Calibrating the different kinds of electric motors and generators
  • Setting up the project of industrial automation and command pattern automation in factories
  • Establishing high-voltage and medium-voltage electricity lines
  • Designing and manufacturing the start system of long-range Wi-Fi
  • Manufacturing and calibrating all kinds of transformer-rectifiers and inverter-rectifiers
  • Designing and manufacturing all kinds of GSM modems
  • Designing and repairing the drivers of automatic valves
  • Setting up the projects of calibration and instrumentation


Address: Unit 403, Golshane Danesh Complex,  Persian Gulf University Intersection,  Shahid Mahini St.,  Bushehr, Iran


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