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AFRA High-Tech Group

AFRA Hi-Tech Group is comprised of the cooperation and interaction of a young group of elites, blessed with new ideas and technical knowledge. The group was formed in 2010 (1389), setting as its main target the conversion of ideas to tangible phenomena in the fields of electricity, electronics, telecommunications and automation. One of the group’s proudest achievements is its attempt at the indigenization of technologies, as a prerequisite to self-sufficiency and alleviating the repercussions of economic and political sanctions. The group has had outstanding achievements in this field.

By keeping faith in God and relying on national knowledge and capacity, we embark upon the field of science-based activities to bring lasting fame to the majestic name of the Persian Gulf.”

Fields of activity:

  • Electricity, electronics, telecommunications, control
  • Tracking and locating systems
  • Subsurface and surface communication systems
  • Smart and long-range controllers
  • Design of ECUs and industrial digital processors
  • Design of smart ships and underwater robots
  • Design of systems for measurement and control of slopes and angles
  • Reverse engineering in digital electronics

Records and achievements:

  1. Iran’s top technology group – 1390 (2011)
  2. Iran’s top industrial entrepreneur-  1391(2012)
  3. First place in the international RoboCup IranOpen 2011 tournament
  4. Second place in the national RadCup 2010 tournament
  5. Second place in the Khwarizmi Young Award
  6. Awarded in the third national Motion Festival
  7. Third place in the national Top Ideas Awards
  8. Third place in the international East Asia tournament (Kuwait)
  9. Awarded in the third national Motion Festival
  10. First place in the Inventive and Creative Young Basiji Awards
  11. Second  place in the Inventive and Creative Young Basiji Awards
  12. Awarded and recognized in the 2nd Science to Practice Awards
  13. Recognized in the 1st Defense Automation Festival
  14. Awarded in the 1st Unmanned Submarines Tournament
  15. Bushehr Province’s top researcher -1390(2011)
  16. Holding the ISO9001:2008 standard certification


Some of the registered inventions:

  1. Smart robotic inclined plane: an educational system
  2. Fully-automated robot for road surface marking, based on Image Processing technology
  3. Water temperature controller system
  4. Tracking and controlling system for on-sift soldiers
  5. Digital T-Square ruler
  6. Smart balance-finding bed for hospitals
  7. Electronic spirit-level
  8. Anti-freezing mechanism of liquid coolants in car engines
  9. Jammer with shortwave bands
  10. Center finder (of circles)
  11. Receiver and analyzer of sound waves
  12. Automatic welding helmet, equipped with optical sensor and two arm covers
  13. Mechanism for Face Detection ,based on Image Processing technology


Some of products:



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