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Sanjesh Afzar Lian Group:


Sanjesh Afzar Lian Group is active in the field of laser and optics. The majority of the team’s activities revolve around analyzing the density of gases and suspended particles in the air by casting light on them. The team members are mostly from the faculty panels of universities or postgraduate students. Thus, the team conduct analyzing, designing and manufacturing of the products.

Services and Products:

Sanjesh Afzar Lian Group designs and establishes the detection system of in accordance with the gases and suspended particles in the surrounding’s air.

Sanjesh Afzar Lian Group, in collaboration with the Persian Gulf University and Shiraz University, have developed the following products:


This system is able to detect a wide variety of gases, boasting a high accuracy.


Using this system, we would be able to determine the density and distribution value of the suspended particles, using a laser and sending out 2 or 3 wavelengths in a particular path.



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