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Austrian AIT Institute senior managers meet Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park companies managers


In a meeting attended by Mr. Zarrinfar, Deputy Governor General of Bushehr province for Development and Human Resources, Austrian AIT company managers talked with the managers of Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park’s resident companies’ managers who presented their knowledge and facilities in the realms of ICT and renewable energy to AIT.

The gathering was mainly about creating smart cities, a national project which is to be piloted in Bushehr. The Austrian institute, which has been picked as the project manager, is one of the country’s greatest firms working in the field of new energy resources in the global market and enjoys experience as a consulting manager in developing nine large smart cities in the world.

In the context of this coming project, the AIT managers travelled to Bushehr for a three-day visit during which they familiarized themselves with the capabilities and technological infrastructure of the Bushehr as well as the companies working in the fields of ICT and renewable energy.

In the meeting, Dr. Rostami, Head of the Park, explained to the visitors the processes and types of support provided by the Park for the resident tech companies. He pointed to the fact that ICT is now among the most up-to-date technologies of the world and that due to the country’s and province’s need, the Park is providing the relevant companies with special support. He also expressed hope that the resident companies of the Park would share the project of Bushehr smart city with the Austrian managing company.

The Austrian guests expressed their happiness with the meeting and stressed that tech companies, due to their tech knowledge and expertise, and Persian Gulf Science and technology Park, because of its performance and structure, could be the best assistants in managing the project of smart cities.    


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