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About the Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park

The preliminary proceedings to found the Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park began in 2005 as part of a project administered by the provincial government of Bushehr. Its license, as a technology park subordinate to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, was issued on 02 / 24 / 2008. At the present time, the administrator of the Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park is the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The Ministry of Petroleum, along with the provincial government of Bushehr, supports the park in its development and implementing its plans.

Main Activities of the Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park:

  • Information , Communication and Electronic Technology (ICET)
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Oil , Gas and Petrochemical
  • Maritime Industry
  • Agriculture and Date Palm Industry  ; Fishing Industry and Aquatic Species ; Food Industry

Advantages of being a tenant at the park

Companies and institutions may enjoy the following services and advantages by joining the Persian Gulf Science & Technology Park:

  • Monetary saving through the supply of land, building, high-speed internet connection, conference room, meeting room, …
  • Being located at a research & technology center and cooperating with other active units
  • Welfare services for the staff, especially for the companies’ experts, who are involved in mental activities and, thus, need a quiet and convivial atmosphere
  • Seminars and training workshops
  • Establishing a new, international reputation
  • Cooperation with the branches of foreign companies
  • Setting up major projects and breaking it down amongst several tenant companies and incubators  
  • Government support
  • A tenacious managing and executive group, willing to complete projects
  • Making use of the credit and reputation of Persian Gulf Science & Technology Park

Support and services for tenants:

  • Offices, Office equipment and furniture, Office services, Conference Rooms, Security, Communication (phone line and internet connection), ID cards for personnel of technology institutes. Telephone services may be analog or IP Phone-based.

Business Development Services:

The Persian Gulf Science & Technology Park aims to sign contracts with companies and organizations to set up major projects (particularly in South Pars and North Pars gas fields and the likes). Handing these projects over to the tenant companies at the park will result in the companies’ business development. Embarking on joint projects shall create an atmosphere and future of cooperation between the tenants.

  • Being in contact with local and foreign technology parks will result in the transfer of technologies ( especially advanced technologies)
  • One of the main approaches to bring about business development is attracting foreign investments and high-risk investment options
  • The park also employs brokers to buy and sell products, provides raw materials for companies in neighboring countries

Marketing services:

  • Notifying the tenant companies and institutes of seminars, fairs, exhibitions and events related to their activity fields
  • Notifying the tenant companies and institutes of investment organizations, active in the fields related to their activities

Research centers and labs:

The park establishes and equips laboratories and prototyping workshops required to commercialize the companies’ products:

  • Food industry lab
  • Oil, gas and petroleum laboratory
  • Biotechnology laboratory
  • Electronics and electricity laboratory
  • Specialized chemical engineering laboratory

Information & Communications Technology Services:

The Persian Gulf Science & Technology Park provides its companies and innovative teams with the following information and communications technology services:

  • Free internet access.
  • IP-Based phone system (IP-Phone).
  • Original antivirus software installed on the companies' computers (computers located at the park). The virus signature database may be updated in the park’s network.
  • Free access to a software bank on the park’s network (
  • Supply of website developing engine and required space for developing the companies’ websites (on the park’s exclusive server), on condition that the company registers an independent domain (
  • Electronic mail, under the address of the company’s domain ( , accessible on the world wide web.
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